Propaganda-Cum-Distribution, or PCD Pharma, is a distinctive business model in which a parent firm gives sole authority to another party or franchisee for business operations and product or service marketing. This arrangement benefits both parties to earn profit and grow business. And if you associate with the best PCD Pharma companies in India then you are set to make huge profits.

To explain further, a PCD pharma franchise is the authorisation or official agreement made by the pharmacompany with distributors, individuals or other companies. Franchisees make minimum investments to sell products or services of the parent group using their expertise and guidance in marketing. PCD Pharma Franchise Companies are gaining popularity because of their profitability, low investments, exclusive monopoly rights, competitive prices and many other factors combined.

How to Select PCD Pharma Franchise Companies?

The first step to choosing the best PCD Pharma companies in India is having adequate knowledge of the field. Knowledge and experience in the field of pharma are essential for the business to start rolling as a pharma franchise. Here are some tips for choosing a PCD Pharma of your choice:

  • The PCD Pharma that you select should have an ISO certification and other quality certifications.
  • Make sure that you have all the background information and history of the company before you decide
    it is the best PCD Pharma company in India.
  • Read customer reviews of the company before stepping up.
  • The work experience of the company is considerable.
  • Make sure they can deliver all their orders on time.
  • You should ensure that all quality and compliance standards are adhered to by the company.
  • Packing in today’s world is an important aspect of business, so ensure it is at its best. In other words,
    the packaging should be attractive.
  • Make sure all agreements are in place to ensure that you do not suffer all losses in the future.
  • Talk to the company about promotional and marketing inputs.

Top 5 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies

Before venturing out into this business, you should have a brief idea about the best PCD Pharma companies in India. Here is a walk-through for your better understanding.

1. Dazzle Healthcare

Dazzle Healthcare is rated as India’s most trusted and the best PCD Pharma companies in India. With more than a decade’s experience, they have been able to meet all customer expectations with their high-quality general products, syrups & suspensions, lotions, creams, shampoos, soaps, injectables, tablets & capsules,
face wash, ointments, hair oils and numerous other products.

As one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India, they are an ISO, GMP, WHO and GLP-certified company. Their products designed for instant relief of medical conditions are constantly enhanced in terms of quality and standards. They are committed to delivering the very best to all their customers.

2. Novalab Lifecare

Novalab Lifecare is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with substantial expertise in the pharmaceutical segment. With an expansive foothold in the industry, Novalab has become one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India. They are one of the leading PCD Pharma franchises as well as Third-Party Manufacturing Services in India.

The company is known as one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India., It manufactures soft gel capsules, tablets & capsules, dry syrup, syrups, IV range, injections and a herbal range of products. The company is here to stay with its long-term business strategies that make it one of the market leaders.

3. Novalab Cardiac

When it comes to diabetic and cardiac pharma products, Novalab Cardiac is one of the best PCD pharma companies in India. With approximately 500 goods in its portfolio and marketing rights, the firm specialises in producing treatments for diabetic and cardiac care. With the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, Novalab’s success continues. Many patients in India have benefited from their innovative and outcome-driven formulations. Novalab is well-known for its steadfast commitment to quality and for making no compromises when it comes to health.

4. Lemaid Healthcare

At Lemaid Healthcare, their sole mission is to enhance the quality of life of people across the country with their best medicines. This is why they are known as one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India today. They believe in result-oriented Pharma solutions that are easily affordable with no compromise in quality. The way the team at Lemaid operates they provide exhilarating contributions to the Indian society at large. They are into cardiac diabetic ranges, ayurvedic PCD ranges and derma and general ranges as well.

5. Novalab Healthcare

Novalab Healthcare is a research-based company which is rated as one of the best PCD Pharma companies in India. The company provides world-class pharmaceutical products to India as a whole so that its citizens can experience improved health with affordable and easily available products. They are committed tomanufacturing diabetic and cardiac pharmaceutical products.

With so many renowned companies dedicated to the healthcare of Indians, you can now easily choose the best PCD Pharma companies in India.