Baby Care Cosmetic Products Manufacturers in India

Considering the delicate baby’s skin, it becomes necessary to make no compromise when it comes to baby care cosmetic products. The demand for baby care products is high and offers a great business opportunity. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, looking for a franchise business opportunity, then baby care cosmetics products should be a good line of choice. Several baby care cosmetic products manufacturers in India offer franchise opportunities. 

Who is the Leading Baby Care Cosmetics Products Manufacturer in India?

Babies’ skin is extremely sensitive and delicate; therefore, their skincare routine must include items that are gentle and safe on the skin. New parents are super careful when choosing infant care items. Greek Derma, one of the leading Baby Care Cosmetic Products Manufacturers in India, is getting popular among parents nowadays and is fast becoming a preferred choice for their infant care products that are safe and reliable for babies. This is why Greek Derma has become one of the most trusted names in baby care cosmetics in India. As one of the most caring baby care cosmetic products manufacturer in India today, Greek Derma has quite a wide range of baby care products that you can sell as their franchisee and benefit from their already established brand name.

Baby Care Cosmetics Products Ranges of Greek Derma

Greek Derma, a leading baby care cosmetics products manufacturer in India has a range of products available on the market for baby care. We are an ISO and GMP-certified Derma Cosmetics Company in India.

Our baby care products are created keeping in mind the gentle baby’s skin. Our formulations are made to suit delicate baby skin. Our products are mild and non-irritating to their skin and eyes. These formulations are best suited for children specifically under three; however, they can be used even later.

The top baby care cosmetics manufacturer in India makes baby products that nourish, moisturise, and protect the sensitive and fragile skin of newborns. A newborn’s skin is left feeling smooth and soft without any discomfort.

We also make best quality regular skin care products like lotions, creams, gels, dusting powders, sunscreens, facewash, hair care products and more. Greek Derma prioritises safety above all else when it comes to the creation of our newborn skincare products by doing stringent laboratory testing. Only the best raw materials are used, and processed with care, and then the best products are released in the market. Our extensive product line includes diaper rash treatment cream, baby lotion, massage oil and moisturizing soap.

Greek Derma Range of Baby Care Cosmetics Products

As an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a franchise business, you can consider marketing baby care products. There are many players in the market in this range of products, but there is one name that you can trust in your new journey. Greek Derma is one of the leading baby care cosmetics products manufacturers in India. Greek Derma ensures that utmost care is taken in the formulation of skincare products for babies. To ensure that you have smooth sailing in your PCD franchise journey, we have several products that you can market and make a good profit from. Take a look.

Baby Lotion

Greek Derma’s excellent baby lotion is of top-notch quality and made with baby-safe ingredients. The baby lotion formulated by Greek Derma, a forerunner as a baby care cosmetics products manufacturer in India is used happily by parents who desire the best for their babies. The lotion can be applied to all parts of the body safely. It is suited for all skin types and comes in the form of a lotion formulation. It is used as a day cream.

Massage Oil

The baby oil by leading baby care cosmetics products manufacturer in India, Greek Derma, is a specially formulated oil that is best suited for newborn babies. The oil can, however, be used for toddlers as well. The oil comes in baby-safe bottles that are made from the best materials so that the oil does not get contaminated. Moisturizing Soap The baby moisturizing soap from Greek Derma is a soap bar. It is best suited for newborn babies as it is very gentle on the skin. This rectangular soap bar is packed in boxes that weigh around 75 grams each. However, it can be used for kids up to 5 years or even more. It is a medicated soap that is uniquely and specifically formulated for newborn babies, toddlers and kids.

Nappy Rash Skin Treatment Cream

Greek Derma’s nappy rash skin treatment is a unique formulation by this leading baby care cosmetics products
manufacturer in India. It is made of herbal ingredients that are thoroughly tested for safety before using them in
the rash cream. The cream can be used on newly born as well as children up to 2-3 years. The cream is available in a 60-gram tube.
With such a unique range of products by Greek Derma, the best baby care cosmetics products manufacturers
in India choosing their franchise is a wise option to start a new profitable venture.