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Derma Franchise Company In India

The foundation of Greek Derma was laid in 2015, and since then the company has weaved a strong and proactive legacy in manufacturing a world-class line of skin-care pharmaceutical products. Today, Greek Derma is one of the leading Derma Franchise companies in India, which is rapidly growing and expanding with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced manufacturing and distribution network.

Equipped with ISO and GMP certifications and required licenses, Greek Derma has gained phenomenal growth and reputation as a skin-care pharmaceutical manufacturing and franchise company. We also take pride in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality medicines, made after continuous and relentless research and study.

Greek Derma has a dedicated research and development team of highly qualified and skilled pharmaceutical experts working end-to-end to develop advanced and improved skin care remedies. We are dedicated to offering quality medical care for everyone. This is why we continuously take every scope to offer our products at affordable and competitive rates to reach out to every need with care and commitment.

Greek Derma has surfaced above the tough competition out there with our superior quality skin care products and medicines that meet international standards, continuous development and advancement, and an extensive range of products. Today, we are known as a trusted and reputed pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company throughout India.



Here at Greek Derma, we believe in attaining efficiency in the workplace and continuously improving the quality of our products through research. Improving skin-care derma cosmetics and other medicines and reaching out to a wider audience is the primary motivation for our unabated efforts. Our team of efficient and hard-working staff members is committed to offering a superior degree of experience through:

Committed to the highest ethical standards

Delivering unparalleled industry-leading medical solutions

Embracing the latest research and technology

Persistently working on the development of novel products

We have a complete line of high-quality skin care products to treat diversified skin ailments and conditions. We are committed to developing advanced skincare therapies for people with skin disorders. We make products that deliver the best results with no side effects.

Our line of derma cosmetics and skin care products are specially crafted keeping in mind varying skin care requirements and improving skin care treatments. We broaden our knowledge with continuous research and studies that help us produce new products.

We also take pride in our rapidly growing and expanding network of distribution. Our innovative initiative of producing derma cosmetics that are effective have made us the most trusted and leading skincare company in India. We provide exclusive derma cosmetics and pharma franchise possibilities nailing our position as the top Derma Pharma Franchise Company in India.

What is the PCD Franchise in India?

The full form of PCD is Propaganda Cum Distribution, which stands for the process where the franchisee takes up the marketing and distribution right of the parent PCD pharma products manufactured by the franchiser.
The distribution and promotion are mostly held across the healthcare system operators like clinics, healthcare professionals, doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies on a regional basis.
The franchisee directly earns a definite part of the profit margin from the sales as a commission. Under the above-mentioned PCD model in India,
the entrepreneur or franchisee needs to officially purchase the franchise rights of the parent pharma company to be able to deal and sell their products in the market.​

Why choose the Greek Derma PCD Franchise?

Greek Derma is a name that stands for reliability in the derma cosmetics and pharma franchise industry of India. We are a fast-growing pharma company, with numerous happy and satisfied franchisees operating and connecting with us every day.

We believe in delivering the fastest supplies and the best treatment solutions to improve the healthcare system. Millions of satisfied customers who have found our products to be 100% efficient have helped us to reach the leading position today.

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